Sunday, December 19, 2010

It Takes All Kinds

My sister and I went out today to do some last minute shopping.  We expected the malls to be crowded and parking spaces to be at a premium.  But, since I use a walker and we have a handicap decal, we were hoping to find a handicap spot.  We finally located one, but discovered we could not park properly as there was a pick-up truck in the opposite space (also marked handicap) whose rear was a good foot over the line.  It was also on the space designated as a pathway for a wheelchair.  I noticed that the driver of the pick-up was sitting behind the wheel.  
After my sister unloaded my walker, I proceeded to the store entrance and, as I passed the pick-up, I said to the driver, "Depriving a handicapped person of a parking space, are we?" 
"Oh, no," he replied.  I'm in a No Parking space." 
Go figure.  It takes all kinds...

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