Monday, January 31, 2011

Rushing the Season

I knew when I saw St. Patrick's Day and Easter merchandise in the stores that Valentine's Day had to be real close.  Just like seeing Christmas merchandise even before Halloween!  Retailers really want to part us from our money.  Pretty soon they'll be selling holiday merchandise year round -- you won't know if it's Christmastime or the Fourth of July!

Here is little Chocklit -- calorie free chocolate, if you will.  He is 9 inches tall and is made of curly brown mohair.  His paw pads are silver leather and his collar is silver lame'.  His eyes are black antique shoe buttons and his nose is embroidered with silver perle cotton.  He looks good enough to eat, but don't.                            
What a perfect gift for your Valentine.  You can find his listing in my Etsy shop,

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